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You Go Ghoul!

In 2001 I flew up to my old home town of Calgary, Alberta, for a visit with my parents and a College reunion. I also set up an appearance at one of the local comic shops. Between signing comics I doodled on some scraps of paper, and as I did I found myself thinking, for no apparent reason I could detect even at the time, about the old Universal movie monsters I'd grown up watching on the Late Late Show. I doodled a Karloffian Frankenstein monster. A mummy. A vampire in the Dracula mold. Then I started thinking about female versions of these. Almost immediately the ball started rolling, and within a couple of minutes I had drawn some preliminary sketches of characters and jotted down a few story ideas. Before I was done, I even had a title.

When I got home to Connecticut I decided not to let this float around in my head, and took a week off from my regular work to commit the concept to paper. A 24 page story emerged, in regular comicbook format. I offered this to a few publishers, but my lawyer was never quite satisfied with what they had to offer -- he is notorious for never taking "Yes" for an answer -- and when the idea of producing a webcomic for ByrneRobotics.com was lofted, I wondered if it would be possible to "cut and paste" scans of the pages into a more web-friendly format. Not only was it possible, some of the pages even looked better that way!


I still plan to see YOU GO, GHOUL! published in paper form -- and I'll be asking for money when I do! -- but for now, here it is free and in glorious black and white. Enjoy!


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