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DCU Infinite Holiday Special

DCU Infinite Holiday Special - Issue: 1


Year: 2007

Publisher: DC

Writer: Keith Champagne, Bill Willingham, Joe Kelly, Tony Bedard, Ian Boothby, Greg Rucka, Kelly Puckett

Penciler: John Byrne, Cory Walker, Ale Garza, Marcos Marz, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Christian Alamy, Pete Woods

Inker: Keith Champagne, Luciana Del Negro, Lorenzo Ruggiero

Letterer: Nathan Eyring, Mike Atiyeh, J.J. Kirby, Rod Reis, Hi-Fi Design, Jason Wright, Brad Anderson

Colorist: Travis Lanham, John Hill, Jared K. Fletcher, Phil Balsman

Cover: Howard Porter


A number of holiday themed stories with JB contributing the art on a Green Lantern short.


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