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Dave Kopperman
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Posted: 11 January 2020 at 3:27pm | IP Logged | 1 post reply

Even if it were somehow intended for the film of Gone With The Wind to be a critique of the "southern manners" on display (which I think it in no was was, but just fer arguin'), the film itself was initially received and viewed wholly at face value as a celebration of that era AND has in fact become a chief part of the mythologizing of it, right along the lines of the Confederate monuments that were being built in the two decades leading up to Margaret Mitchell's novel and the rise of the KKK.  You can view it that way with modern eyes, sure, but it's a view as completely revisionist as the film's relationship with race.

I watched it once, about five years ago.  Lousy film, flat acting, shitty philosophy.  Of course it's the adjusted domestic box office champion of all time.
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Rebecca Jansen
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Posted: 11 January 2020 at 3:52pm | IP Logged | 2 post reply

Gone With the Wind is not quite up there with the awful Birth Of A Nation film is it? I've often thought that if I were black in the south how seeing new statues put up of Confederate heroes would be not so different from a Jewish person seeing statues of Nazis... 'lost' seems to a have different meaning for some... lost cause, stars and bars flags... if only it had all gone with the wind. I got into a heated exchange of letters in an sf fanzine based in the south way back about that flag. I didn't reference the horrors of the third reich at all, but I did make a point about putting real people effected by seeing that flag over a thing or a symbol. This was at a time where you could say a lot of whites were just used to seeing that confederate flag around and identifying with it without much real thought (it was on the Dukes Of Hazard car, try picturing a swastika on a volkswagon in a European tv show for ultimate contrast). People were still getting killed by skin color up to the 1960s for crying out loud, followed by sham trials. I don't know, I think that Andrew Johnson should burn forever for undoing almost the entire Civil War to the point where there is still a majority of white people down there that will tell you race had nothing whatsoever to do with the Civil War. John Brown and the abolitionists wanting to prevent new stated from having slavery played no part? And just when you think it has finally died out... here's president Trump; the guy who tweeted out totally fake statistics about black violence and still got votes. Shouldn't even have been close after that one tweet (just happened to run across it on a racist site as you do and thought it a good thing to share such 'knowledge' with his base). >:^(

I'll take the Carol Burnett parody over watching more than a couple minutes of the great MGM film, thanks.

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