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Koroush Ghazi
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Posted: 19 April 2019 at 3:55am | IP Logged | 1 post reply

 Peter Martin wrote:
To look for a 'real' reason behind why certain people in France might want one of their most historic, celebrated and visited buildings rebuilt is to ignore the bleeding obvious.

 Peter Martin wrote:
I imagine if part of Versailles burnt down the same people would want it rebuilt -- and it wouldn't indicate they secretly want a return of a monarchy.

Context is important. If the Palace of Versailles burned down amid an environment of renewed calls for a return to Monarchy in Europe, and billions were almost instantly donated to rebuild it, I would indeed be as suspicious of the motives.

There are people who are making it clear that the rebuilding of Notre Dame is about reinvigorating pride in "European Christian values"; Donald Trump, when visiting Europe, gave his infamous Speech focusing on Western religious identity; Muslim terrorism and mass migration to Europe has increasingly polarised native Europeans. Not to mention the gradual ramping up of Christians who believe they're being victimized ("the war against Christmas").

When the World Trade Center towers were destroyed, there were calls for them to be rebuilt exactly as they were. But that didn't eventuate, and private citizens didn't pour billions of dollars into having them rebuilt ASAP. Why not?

 Peter Martin wrote:
(As an aside, I find it a bit odd to have someone simultaneously pegging Jesus as a myth and claiming Jesus is on the side of their argument).

Fairly straightfoward. I - and many scholars far smarter than me - accept the likely proposition that Jesus is at best a composite of several people, at worst a story similar to the myth of Hercules. So I refer to him as mythical. But I'm also pointing out that for people who actually believe in Jesus, honoring him and his father by pouring billions into rebuilding a monument to them, when that money could be spent to further what mythical Jesus supposedly wanted (helping the poor, healing the sick) goes against their beliefs.

It's the same sort of hypocrisy as this:

Anyway I've had my little rant on this. I'll try to avoid the wall-to-wall coverage of Notre Dame
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