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Francesco Vanagolli
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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 1:27pm | IP Logged | 1  

Post #700! A spin off of the "Ten ways to tell you're too old for superheroes" thread.

2 or 3 years ago, I have re-read the first clone saga, by Conway and Andru. I remember how I liked that story very well, and the whole clone matter was really exciting for me. The Jackal, Tarantula, a new Gwen Stacy... and poor Peter Parker in the middle! Yeah, Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. Except for the Spider-Man/Green Goblin clashes from ASM #39 to #122, Spider-Man's life never touched seriously Peter's.
There was a superhero life, with supervillains, action and danger, and a normal life, with aunt May, friends, school, job.
That saga caused a strange union about these 2 lives: the villain (from the superhero life) hated the man, not the superhero.
I loved that story, and I still do (I'll re-read it, sooner or later), but growing up I began to think that maybe there is something wrong in this. Should the super and the normal life stay divided?

I remember when Matrix replaced Clark Kent and acted like a kindergarden child, or when Clark was controlled by the Eradicator and began to act like a cold Kryptonian. In these 2 situations, Clark's reputation could be destroied! In the real life, I would have died by shame for all this.
And I could mention the second clone saga, the Norman Osborn saga, "Born again"... I'm talking about stories which I like, but that maybe have something wrong.
When JB and Howard Mackie were working on AMAZING and PETER PARKER, Mr. Parker was at last tormented by REAL problems: no wife, no house, no job anymore. Like in the real life! No clones, no evil tycoons... Only the hard problems which everyone could have someday. That's the best thing someone has done with the character in these last years. After all, Spider-Man is the most popular "superhero with superproblems", isn't he?

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John Byrne
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Posted: 14 April 2006 at 4:17pm | IP Logged | 2  

Spider-Man is considered a "street level" character. He's just a regular Joe ('cept for them there powers) and as such it is an unwritten rule that he probably should not be getting involved with things like aliens, time travel, or super science much beyond his own origin. This is why Roger Stern retconned those aliens in the second issue into cronies of Mysterio's, for instance, and why Howard and I ultimately decided the Shaper of Worlds "fix" we had considered for the character was too far out of his league.

There have been stories -- MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE was full of them, and I even drew a few -- where Spider-Man was very much "out of his element" -- going back in time to visit the Salem witch trials, for instance, or hanging out with Warlock on the Moon -- but for the most part, the tradition established by Stan Lee has been pretty well maintained. Until recently, anyway.

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